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"I appreciated Dr. Tur-Kaspa’s honesty and that he didn’t mislead me with false hope. The supporting and compassionate staff helped relieve the stress and anxiety that IVF brings!"

When I received the call from Dr. Tur-Kuspa stating we are the winners of the 2013 IVF, I actually hung up on him and thought it was a cruel joke. My husband read all the great reviews about him before we made the trip to Chicago, but we were still in disbelief…

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"Our experience at the other clinic left much to be desired…There was a night and day difference with Dr. Tur-Kaspa."

The day before Thanksgiving, around 7 pm, my wife received a call stating that she was the winner of a free IVF. I was immediately skeptical, not believing that anyone would give away such an expensive procedure for free... Dr. Tur­ Kaspa and the staff were great at every step of the way….

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