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"After being devastated from 2 miscarriages at a previous clinic I switched to Dr. TK. I became pregnant on my first round of IVF with him and have 6 frozen embryos."

At the first clinic I was with I felt like nothing was personalized it was just very cookie cutter for each person. I just went back to see Dr. TK as I am preparing to try for my second child and have a frozen transfer. He really took the time to talk to me and explain everything and once again very much customize it to my needs…

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"Dr. Cohen - We cannot thank you enough for helping us conceive our little angel. She's 2 months old now and every day we are grateful for the miracle you performed."

For anyone who is looking for a reproductive endocrinologist in Chicago, look no further than Dr. Cohen. He is kind and takes his time to explain complex biology in a way that anyone can understand. He is also very good at communicating options and the associated probabilities of success, as well as the risks…

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"Our experience at the other clinic left much to be desired…There was a night and day difference with Dr. Tur-Kaspa."

The day before Thanksgiving, around 7 pm, my wife received a call stating that she was the winner of a free IVF. I was immediately skeptical, not believing that anyone would give away such an expensive procedure for free... Dr. Tur­ Kaspa and the staff were great at every step of the way….

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