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"At IHR, the nurses and ultrasounds techs and lab techs all knew me by name... I just felt like everyone there was really rooting for me."

I found Dr. Tur-Kaspa after trying two other clinics on the east coast. What a different experience, on so many levels. Most importantly, Dr. Tur-Kaspa is … simply an excellent clinician and has success where others have failed. He adjusted my protocol several times to maximize the number of embryos we got…

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"Our experience at the other clinic left much to be desired…There was a night and day difference with Dr. Tur-Kaspa."

The day before Thanksgiving, around 7 pm, my wife received a call stating that she was the winner of a free IVF. I was immediately skeptical, not believing that anyone would give away such an expensive procedure for free... Dr. Tur­ Kaspa and the staff were great at every step of the way….

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