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Gender Selection/Family Balancing
Gender Selection is being requested by our patients with increasing frequency.

We have the ability to utilize a technique called Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to determine the sex of an embryo prior to implantation. We perform gender selection by In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with PGD, which means you go through an IVF cycle where embryos are generated. These embryos are then tested for several chromosomes, including X and Y for gender determination. Those embryos of the desired gender are then placed back into the uterus. Gender selection by PGD is the most accurate way to determine gender prior to implantation and for bringing home a healthy baby after in vitro fertilization.
If you have any questions as you review the material on Gender Selection, please contact us for a FREE Gender Selection E-Mail Consultation.

PGD is used to genetically assess embryos prior to implantation. The genetic assessment is what makes PGD useful for Gender Selection. However this technology is also used to screen for genetic anomolies, which makes PGD invaluable to couples who may be at risk of passing on certain genetic conditions.

When gender selection is used to prevent a genetic disease, the process is called "medical gender selection." Some diseases, so called "sex-linked diseases," are inherited via the mother but only male offspring are affected by them (muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, etc.); In other cases, conditions are more severely expressed in one gender (Fragile X syndrome, autism in males, etc.) than the other. Medical reasons for gender selection can, however, also be psychological: a single female may feel better equipped having a daughter than a son; parents who lost a child may feel a strong need for a child of the same gender.

Sometimes genders selection can be "non-medical" or "elective." In such cases, a child of a specific gender is desired without obvious medical indications. The most frequent indication for such gender selection is "family balancing," when one gender is already represented in the family unit and the other gender is desired.

Please be careful with most of the "expert" advice you might read on the Internet in regards to gender selection methods. The truth is that many of the methods simply do not work. In gender selection using IVF and PGD, embryos are created from the couple's eggs and sperm . PGD gender selection is the most reliable method for gender selection, approaching 100% accuracy.

It is by far the most reliable technique for gender selection, and IHR has been offering this service to qualified couples for almost 10 years. In contrast to most other IVF centers, which biopsy their embryos in house and then mail the cell that has been removed from the embryo over night to another laboratory where the genetic analysis is performed, IHR performs PGD fully inhouse. This ensures highest accuracy and safety for our PGD process, assuring that embryos never leave the confines of IHR.

Except in a few select countries, gender selection is not available around the world. Couples in many countries, therefore, have no choice but to seek treatment abroad. As a result, a large part of IHR’s overall patient population for gender selection comes from overseas (with gender selection being just a minute part of the center's IVF activities) . We, therefore, have developed a way to minimize your length of stay, while maintaining the high success rates IHR is known for via personalized treatment protocols and collaboration with reputable local IVF center in your local area (where possible).

Perhaps less known is our work with individuals and couples who are considering gender selection or family balancing, but who are uncertain of their next step. We encourage anyone, before they make a decision, to consult with us. Currently, we are offering a FREE Gender Selection E-Mail Consultation.