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advanced age and infertility

Advanced Age and Infertility
IHR provides effective treatment programs for advanced age and infertility.

As a woman ages, her chance of having a healthy baby decreases. She is less likely to get pregnant, more likely to have a baby with abnormal chromosomes, and more likely to miscarry even if the developing fetus has normal chromosomes. This is partly due to aging ovaries having fewer eggs to release. Also, the eggs are aging, which may affect egg quality. Compared with a younger woman, it is more likely that an older woman’s eggs are unable to go through the normal cell division that results in a healthy, thriving embryo. IHR has a special interest in the “older women pregnancy”, "premature menopause" and the “aging ovary”, and have been conducting considerable research on this topic. Indeed, older women (those above age 38), and younger women with so-called Prematurely Aging Ovaries (POA) and Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), will often find it harder to get pregnant. The IHR experts work closely with couples undergoing the many different types of assisted fertility treatments available. We are renowned for our specialized knowledge and high infertility success rates even in difficult cases. IHR's expertise in advanced age infertility lies in our willingness and ability to individualize our approach to best suit each and every one of our patients. If you have any questions as you review the material on advanced age infertility, please contact us for a FREE Advanced Age and Infertility E-Mail Consultation.

The following human reproduction circumstances may help you qualify to participate in this program: advanced female age, poor ovarian response to prior stimulation, age — inadequate response to prior stimulation , multiple failed IVF (in-vitro fertilization) cycles and immunological disease

As a participant in IHR’s Advanced Age Program, your treatment will be individualized to your special circumstances. We are proud to have become known as the "program of last resort." Even some of our human reproduction competitors refer their poor prognosis patients to us. They know at IHR, they will have the beset chance for these kind of special circumstances. .

Some fertility centers do not accept patients who for any number of reasons are considered to be a poor risk to conceive. We aren't sure why other infertility clinics won't try to help with such fertility problems. We strongly believe that a well-informed couple that fully understands they have a low chance of conception but still wish to conceive, are entitled to receive their desired treatments.

IHR has treatments for a variety of conditions, including premature aging ovaries, ovulatory dysfunctions, endometriosis, immunological infertility and many others. Perhaps less known is our work with individuals and couples who are considering assisted reproduction, but who are uncertain of their next step. We encourage anyone, before they make a decision, to consult with us. Currently, we are offering a FREE Advanced Age and Infertility E-Mail Consultation.